Statement of Faith
  • God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are distinct personalities with distinct roles, but one God who is creator of the universe.
  • Jesus Christ is the Messiah, Savior, and Son of God, who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, was raised from the grave, and will return as our victorious Lord.
  • Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ and cannot be earned, but it is a gift of God.
  • Faith in Jesus requires repentance, confession of that faith before witnesses, and obedience to His word.
  • Baptism by immersion demonstrates our faith and obedience, and it depicts our union with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection.
  • Everyone who accepts Christ has the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit who acts as a comforter, guide, and advocate.
  • The Bible is the divinely-inspired Word of God in its entirety, and it does not contradict itself.
  • The Bible is our guide.
  • The church, as the body of Christ, is the extension of Jesus Christ’s character, attitude, behavior, and mission in our world today.
General Instructions

Homeschool Process:

The enrollment forms included are listed below:

The reports that are due at the end of each NINE WEEKS are listed below:

  • Grade Average Report
  • Attendance Report

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Complete the enrollment Application Form.
  2. Sign and submit, or mail this form to Life Christian Academy. Please include all the appropriate fees at this time.

Fill in the Curriculum List.  This is a list of the subject books your student will be using.  If you have this information while enrolling, include it with the enrollment forms; otherwise, this form is required to be submitted within 10 days of enrollment.  In some cases, high school students who transfer to Life Christian Academy may have to wait until our office receives a transcript of credits from the previous school in order to complete the curriculum list.  In some instances, the previous school will require a withdrawal form, usually for those students in high school grades.  You can check with the previous school’s Guidance Office for this information.

Enrollment Fees:

The fee of $100.00 is due at the time of enrollment. *

High School Seniors:  Applications for senior enrollment will not be accepted after December 21st.  Enrolling after this date does not allow enough time to complete the required credits and testing.

Achievement Testing Fees:

 The fee of $55.00 is due on April 1st. *

Students in grades 3-9 in the state of Tennessee are required to take achievement tests.  LCA also offers the tests to students in grades K-5 – 2.  You are welcome to take those tests on the LCA campus for the $55.00 fee.  Please let the office know by January 1st  if you plan to take the test on the campus, so we can purchase a test for your student.  Those who choose to test outside of LCA are required to send in a copy of the test scores.  For 11th – 12th grades you are required at some time to take the ACT.

*  Please Note:  There will be no refunds given on enrollment or testing fees.


Parents are responsible to find and purchase their student’s curriculum.

School Services

Records Office:

Life Christian Academy will keep student records, including but not limited to: transfer transcripts, attendance reports, grade average reports, and achievement test scores.

High School Diploma:

High school students who meet all of the Life Christian Academy graduation requirements will receive a High School Diploma.

Graduation Ceremonies:

The school holds Cap & Gown Graduation ceremonies for those students who choose to participate (for both Kindergartners and Seniors).  Please note that additional fees are applicable.


Life Christian Academy, upon request, issues high school transcripts.  These include a list of the student’s high school credits earned.

Driver’s License Form:

For those students who are submitting for a Driver’s Permit, we issue the Department of Safety’s required SF1010 form (these forms cannot be faxed).  The Department of Safety requires the student to have been enrolled with our school for a minimum of 30 days and that we have a copy of the student’s birth certificate on file.

Our Services:

Registration at Life Christian Academy Homeschool is available to all Christian families who agree with our Statement of Faith and abide by our School Policies.

Life Christian Academy Homeschool will not discriminate against, or exclude, any family from registering based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin; however, because Life Christian Academy is a religious organization, the School Committee reserves the right to discriminate in areas of religious beliefs and affiliations.  Consequently, the school is not obligated to accept those who may not meet admission requirements.

Member Requirements


The registration process starts when the parent (or legal guardian) submits the enrollment forms and the required fees.

School Year:

The school year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.  Enrollment is open year round.  We highly recommend parents enroll their students no later than September 1st (when most public schools start).  It is the parent’s responsibility to follow the state’s educational requirements.


By state law, all students must complete at least 180 calendar days of school work per year.  It also requires students complete a minimum of four hours of school work each day.

A student’s attendance at Life Christian Academy begins on the date he/she registers with Life Christian

Academy.  For example, a student starts homeschooling in August, but does not register with Life Christian Academy until October: the school days between August and October cannot be counted as school days at Life Christian Academy.

Semester Reports:

Parents will be required to maintain an Attendance Record report and a Grade Average Report, and submit such reports at the end of each semester.  The first semester reports (Jul-Dec) will be due no later than the 10th of January and the second semester (Jan-May) will be due no later than the 10th of June.  If a student transfers out during the middle of the semester, these reports must be submitted immediately to allow us to update the student’s file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is homeschooling legal?

Yes, homeschooling your children is legal.  States recognize homeschools and define them in their educational laws and codes.  Life Christian Academy is a private, church-related homeschool under the educational statutes of the State of Tennessee.

Do I need a teacher’s certificate?

No. We do require parents, who are enrolling a high school student, to have earned at least a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

How much does it cost?

To register with Life Christian Academy there is a one-time annual enrollment fee, and an achievement testing fee.  Curriculum costs vary depending on the amount and type of subjects the student will be taking.

Where do I buy curriculum?

You may choose from various home school bookstores, web sites, and catalogs.  Many states hold home school fairs during the summer.

When do I enroll?

Life Christian Academy is open year round for enrollment.  Our school year starts on July 1th and ends on June 30th of the following year.  Enrolling as early as possible ensures that your student’s records will be transferred in a timely manner, allows you to find the curriculum your student will be needing, and helps you prepare for the upcoming school year.  (We encourage parents to register before they start their first day of homeschooling to be able to receive credit for those days).

 What about re-enrollments?

Most parents re-enroll early so their students can do school work during the summer months and/or get credit for summer field trips.  We recommend that you enroll your children no later than September 1st to allow you enough time to meet the minimum attendance requirements for the year.  The Homeschool Legal Defense Association recommends that you enroll no later than when public schools start in your area.

What about transfers?

A student can transfer to Life Christian Academy even after the school year has started; just submit the necessary enrollment forms.

Who grades my students?

The parent is responsible for grading the student’s work.  A record of these averages needs to be kept to develop final grades in each subject at the end of the semester.

How do I turn in grades?

Records are turned in to the school through semi-annual reports.  We require an Attendance Report and a Grade Average Report (copies are included in this enrollment packet).  Reports are due no later then ten days after each semester has ended.

What about Achievement Testing?

Achievement tests are administered annually between March and April.  Students enrolled at Life Christian Academy are required to test in several grades (see inside under achievement testing).  These are an excellent tool for parents to assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps in planning for their needs.

What about graduation?

All students who meet our graduation requirements will receive a high school Diploma.  Cap and gown graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the school year for those students who choose to participate and submit the proper forms and fees.

Can homeschoolers get into college?


How do I get started?

You start the enrollment process by using the registration forms included in our packet.  We will send a transfer request for student records to your previous school (where applicable).  If you are transferring during the middle of the school year (and you have submitted the enrollment forms to us), you will then need to withdraw your child from the current school and return books or materials that belong to that school.  You can start homeschooling the same day you enroll with us.

What are Life Christian Academy’s office hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm CST.   Our phone number is (615) 719-1146.

What does my child need to graduate?

In order for senior students to be eligible for graduation, the following tests are required:

  • One Achievement Test in the 9th and 10th
  • One ACT test in the 11th or 12th

Note: The ACT is NOT administered by Life Christian Academy. You may enroll online at

How does my child get a diploma?

High School diplomas, for those students who have earned all the requirements, are issued at the end of the second semester.

Life Christian Academy Homeschool Registration Form