Camp Cross

 LCA’s Camp Cross is the program that provides care for school-age children. Children may attend aftercare and on holidays from school (seasonal breaks, snow days, etc.). We have many great activities planned, and your child is going to have an amazing time having fun, while learning at the same time.

It is the mission of LCA and Camp Cross to provide Christ-based care for children.  In addition to the Spiritual focus, Camp Cross will provide to every child an experience that is environmentally safe, academically sound, emotionally balanced, and physically challenging, all with moral absolutes.

The Bible declares that “Children are a heritage of the Lord;” therefore, the teachers and staff of Camp Cross are committed to providing a ministry of excellence in all educational programs.

Forms Required
Pricing for Aftercare and Drop-In
  • $50.00 Registration Fee – paid upon registration
  • $50.00 per week for Aftercare
  • $25.00 per day for Drop-In Care
  • $100.00 per week for School Holidays
  • 10% discount for Multiple Children

*Payment is to be made on the first day of the week that the child attends.


The Bible has a TON of great stories in it that sound crazy at first! There are some stories of people doing AMAZING things! We all know about several of them. You’ve probably heard a ton about David killing the giant, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and Jonah in the big fish. BUT, there are even MORE amazing stories that you may have never even heard of!
Your kids will learn that the Bible is not a stale old book. It is a book full of LIFE! It is a book full of amazing stories that sound crazy at first, but they are TRUE – totally TRUE!
We pray that this series will help your kids fall in love with the Word of God in a crazy new way!

Lesson 1 – “Don’t Keep It To Yourself” (The Lepers Share Food)
Lesson 2 – “Dumb & Dumber” (Korah & The Complainers)
Lesson 3 – “Proud Cow Disease” (Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride)
Lesson 4 – “Don’t Lift Your Sword, Lift Your Hands” (The Choir Wins the Battle)
Lesson 5 – “Ehud & The Fat King” (God Can Use Anyone)
Lesson 6 – “Herod & The Worms” (Give God the Glory)

This is the main thought we get across to the kids during the lesson. Most of the BIG IDEA is a simple statement that sums up the entire week’s lesson. Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it relies on rhythm, and other times it is just crazy!
Game Time
Each lesson is reinforced by a game. Since most lessons and services make use of the natural rivalry of boys vs. girls, that is the way most of the games are set up.
Illustrated Messages
Because kids tend to learn best when we combine speaking the truth with visual illustrations, we have a PowerPoint presentation for each main point.
Lesson Intro Video Segments

The video is used to set up the topic to be discussed during that lesson.  It uses humor to grab the kids’ attention, then explains what they will be learning about during the lesson.

Camp Cross Registration Form